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If your project demands industry knowledge and expertise in commissioning, operational maintenance and engineering support, Atlantach is your trusted partner.

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Atlantach technical services provides trusted engineering support to our industry partners in Ireland and the USA. Our best-in-class recruitment process ensures we deliver the right resource and the right solution to you, our valued customers each and every time. We achieve our goals through a mindset that drives customer experience through commitment and agility, unrivalled talent and management know-how.

We have ambitious growth plans and strive to be the industry leader and trusted partner to our range of industrial clients. Our culture of safety and quality benefits both our business and yours, as we collaborate through innovation to deliver your project.


Trust Atlantach for:


Our engineers have comprehensive commissioning experience across numerous sectors. We’ll help you achieve excellence through leading installation technologies and practices.

Contract Staffing

We have the best qualified and experienced engineers and technicians for projects in a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, medical device, pharma, automotive and aviation.

Data Centre Services

We offer a wide range of services such as communication infrastructure installation, commissioning and operations support. This includes rack & server, power & cooling equipment and more.

Operations & Maintenance

Backed by unrivalled industry know-how, we’ll work with you to design tailored contract models that improve operational efficiency, maintain compliance and reduce costs.

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We are in the business of taking care of your business, and we have built our reputation as industry leaders through reliability and customer satisfaction. We will approach your project as an opportunity to build a sustainable client relationship, and we believe in strength through collaboration and valuing our customers.

By engaging with our clients and understanding their needs and viewpoints we foster a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts for many years, through many projects.


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