contract staffing

Sourcing talent for our clients

As well as delivering fixed-scope work, Atlantach supports our clients with temporary and project-based expertise from our pool of talented engineers and technicians. This is supported by our dedicated technical recruitment team who are highly experienced and proficient at sourcing engineering and technical talent for both long and short-term projects.

At Atlantach Technical Services we are driven by understanding a client’s brief, and providing the solution to match the role specification.


Our pool of expertise

We can provide the following resources for you through an efficient cost model:

Rigorous recruitment

Our meticulous selection and recruitment standards ensure that only the best qualified, experienced technicians and engineers are selected to serve and support you.


Our diligent onboarding and induction procedures guarantee that our engineers are immediately ready for deployment. Our ethos is that every assigned engineer can hit the ground running from day one.

Training and

Ongoing training and upskilling ensures a best-in-class service, with fully certified engineers to meet your requirements and standards.

Global reach

Through our worldwide professional partnership network, we can always attract and provide the right talent, in the right jurisdiction, for the right project.

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